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Mental Health

Research has previously established that social media use negatively impacts mental health, increasing the risk of anxiety, body dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, depression and suicidal thoughts.


And filters don't help. They set unrealistic expectations.

We aren't saying people shouldn't use filters, people can do what they want. But it would help a whole lot if every time an Instagram filter is used on an image it was automatically tagged as #filteredimage.

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The Dear Mark Campaign

This campaign has one objective.

Let's get real.


Mark Zuckerberg has the power to change Instagram and add the simple feature of automatically tagging images that use an Instagram filter.

It's a relatively small programming task that would positively impact literally millions of lives. And it can happen tomorrow.

Please, Mark, make this change.

And we ask for your help as well. Get involved by going to our Instagram page and sharing our posts. Together we can make this happen!

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